JFF 2016 does the Bechdel Test
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The Bechdel test (/ˈbɛkdəl/ bek-dəl) asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added.


While re-watching HK2: The Abnormal Crisis at the cinemas during JFF in Brisbane, I realised that despite the cringe-worthy (but very funny) panty-masked superhero Hentai Kamen, the film actually passes the Bechdel test. So Saiko and I decided to evaluate the whole JFF program by the Bechdel-Wallace standards!

We have divided the list into passed with flying colours and just passed. Films in the flying colours section feature strong female lead characters, or main female actors who constantly interact and converse with each other. The films in the just passed category have passed the Bechdel test, however there is less interaction between the female characters.

Passed with flying colours

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle

After the Storm




Haunted Campus

Night's Tightrope

Chibi Maruko Chan -A Boy from Italy-

The Inerasable

The Mohican Comes Home

Samurai Hustle Returns

What a Wonderful Family!

Sing My Life

Nagasaki: Memories of My Son

The Sun

Children of Hiroshima

Blue Mountains 1 & 2



Yuki-Snow Fairy

(Just) Passed

Desperate Sunflowers


The Long Excuse

HK2: The Abnormal Crisis

My Korean Teacher

Assassination Classroom -Graduation-

Wolf Girl & Black Prince

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