What not to miss: Brisbane & Perth
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It’s always a challenge trying to trim down your movie list at any film festival. We’ve compiled all the special events and one-night only films in every city to make sure you don’t miss out on films you want to see!

Browse the full program here.

Header image from HAUNTED CAMPUS © 2016 “Haunted Campus” Film Partners
Brisbane & Perth

All films in this section will also screen in Melbourne and Sydney.


Screening only once in Brisbane, join us for the opening night film of Cannes-award winning director Hirokazu Kore-eda. After the Storm is a fantastic slice of life film that is sure to strike a chord with everyone, about the importance of family. View film info

Another masterpiece by auteur Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Creepy is one of the best psychological thrillers to come out of Japan this year. View film info

Rudolf the Black Cat is a bundle of 3D animated fun–discover the secret life of cats in Tokyo, led by a fluffy cat named Gottalot who can read and write kanji. View film info

Screening only once in Brisbane and Perth, The Mohican Comes Home should definitely be on your list if you want to watch a mix of offbeat fun and heartwarming drama. View film info


Erased is a great live action adaptation of the popular manga Boku dake ga inai machi. It’s an engrossing mystery film centred on Satoru, who must solve a series of child kidnappings whilst trapped in his 10-year old body. View film info


Humanoid cockroaches? Get out! TERRAFORMARS is an all action sci-fi film about cockroaches on mars that evolved into humanoid beings with super-roachy strength. And, it’s directed by cult master Takashi Miike. Intrigued yet? View film info


Hentai Kamen strikes again! HK2: The Abnormal Crisis may not be for those who prefer films by auteurs but it’s certainly a superhero parody worthy of praise from the comedy gods! It’s not as lewd as it looks although pervy superhero HK’s costume is so cringe-worthy, it’s great. View film info

© 2016"The Actor" Film Partners

The Actor is somewhat of a wild card in the Brisbane and Perth program but we are delighted to be able to showcase this film in more cities. Directed by rising female director Satoko Yokohama, this ‘dramedy’ is a unique must-watch film about the sub-par life of forever movie extra Takuji Kameoka. View film info

Proud partner of JFF: Zen Central Yoga in West End QLD

Brisbane Exclusive
Lucky Door Prizes

Local festival partner Zen Central Yoga Studio are giving away yoga class passes and 1-week intensive yoga packages as lucky door prizes for The Magnificent Ninea drama-comedy set in old Japan! Draw a ticket at the door before every session of The Magnificent Nine in Brisbane for your chance to win one of the prizes.

Cosplay Day
Aly,  Silhouettê d’Amour, and K at JFF 2015 in Melbourne. Photo by Mark Sombillo
Aly,  Silhouettê d’Amour, and K at JFF 2015 in Melbourne. Photo by Mark Sombillo

Cosplay Day

If you have a passion for dressing up as your favourite anime/manga characters then you are in for a treat! This year we are extending our love for cosplay through a Cosplay Day Event. All cosplays welcome!

Do you already have an existing shojo manga or shonen manga cosplay? Join our online cosplay competition for the chance to win prizes! Click here for the how to enter page.


JFF will transform the Event Cinemas Brisbane Myer City Centre foyer into a festival space on 29 October with special performances! We will also be screening some of the most-awaited film adaptations of popular manga titles like Chihayafuru and Erased.


Performances & Activity

6:30pm-7:15pm Gather round cosplayers for the Brisbane cosplay segment! Meet other cosplayers and watch Konoha Collective play some of your favourite anime songs live with string instruments. Cosplayer Beer Legion will also be announcing the online cosplay competition winner and host this segment. Co-presented with Utopia Entertainment. (Free)

8:00pm-8:15pm Cap off the night with an evocative and atmospheric Butoh Dance performance by artist Megan Janet White and her sonic-butoh-body troupe:
THEATRE OF THUNDER co-directed with Luke Jaaniste.  Zen Central Yoga Studio. (Free)


Pop Culture Film Line-up

4:30pm-6:26pm CHIHAYAFURU Part 1 (Book tickets; Also screening on Thursday 27 Oct)

5:45pm-7:50pm Assassination Classroom -Graduation- (Book tickets; Also screening on Sunday 30 Oct)

7:15pm-9:10pm TERRAFORMARS (Book tickets)

8:30pm Erased (Book tickets) and Creepy (Book tickets)

Click here to view the full Brisbane film program


Cosplay all day Saturday at JFF in Hoyts Carousel (Westfield Carousel, Cannington) on 5 November. Meet other cosplayers and celebrate some of the most-awaited film adaptations of popular manga titles like Terraformars.

2:00pm-4:05pm Film screening  Assassination Classroom -Graduation- (Book tickets; Also screening on Sunday 6 Nov)

5:15pm-7:30pm Film screening and online cosplay comp winner announcement: CHIHAYAFURU Part 1 (Book tickets; Also screening on Thursday 27 Oct)

7:50pm-9:45pm Film screening: TERRAFORMARS (Book tickets)

Click here to view the full Perth film program

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