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We are excited to bring you the first peek of this year’s JFF 20th year anniversary line-up. We’ve screened tons of films, read through all your e-mails and Facebook messages, and selected 2016’s finest offerings. You’ll see the most-anticipated manga adaptations, in-depth docos, uplifting drama, and the most terrifying thrillers out of Japan.

Here are a few key highlights of things to know and things to look out for this year.


Spotlight #1
A brand new website

The website now features a My Favourites Watch List section to keep track of films you want to see, and see how many other people are interested in your favourite titles! As long as your browser’s cookies are enabled, you will be able to add films to your list without signing up or logging in to anything.


Spotlight #2
Navigate these streams

We’ve upped our game and have picked out various Program Streams to also help you navigate this year’s JFF line-up better! We will reveal more details as we release more film titles.

Female Director Focus

Director Satoko Yokohama on the set of THE ACTOR

Twisted Minds

A scene from Tetsuya Mariko's raucous DESTRUCTION BABIES.

Japanese Roots

The unlikely heroes of the entertaining drama THE MAGNIFICENT NINE

Idol Power

Japanese idols shine on screen, like Atsuko Maeda in THE MOHICAN COMES HOME

Family Friendly

Family friendly titles that the kids would enjoy, like SING MY LIFE

Manga Hits

Manga adaptations that won't disappoint like CHIHAYAFURU

Spotlight #3
Something a bit unexpected


Super Junior’s Yesung in MY KOREAN TEACHER

Our 20th year anniversary line-up includes films with elements outside the box of normal Japanese films. Whether it’s an exotic filming location or non-Japanese actors in very Japanese movies!

Just to name a few: don’t miss out on the fun rom-com My Korean Teacher, featuring k-pop idol Yesung (Super Junior) and keep an eye out on a secret (for now!) film shot in gorgeous Mount Everest.

Spotlight #4
The Critical and the Independent

What could a movie with a clown possibly be about?!

What could a movie with a clown possibly be about?!

Many films this year will be Australian premiers with a number of international premiers added into the mix. Don’t miss out on critically acclaimed titles such as Cannes award-winning director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Creepy.

We’ve also yet to reveal more exciting titles for those with indie tastes, such as one mumblecore film that Richard Linklater would’ve made if he was Japanese.

Spotlight #5
Better with friends (and new friends!)

LQ-JFF Piece of Cake 58This year, we’re holding a pop-up info hub in Sydney at our office at The Japan Foundation in Central Park where you can meet other film lovers, watch exclusive film clips and talk to the JFF team for movie recommendations this year. We also have a range of events built into the program, from special guest Q&A sessions to music performances!

Details to be announced later.

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