We don’t want you to go through the pain (and regret) of missing out on JFF films so here’s a list of popular sessions.




Nov 19, 6:45pm – Mumon: The Land of Stealth 

Few seats left

Nov 16, 7:15pm – Mumon: The Land of Stealth book now

Nov 17, 6:30pm – A Double Life – book now

Nov 18, 3:10pm – Her Sketchbook book now

Nov 19, 11:15am – In This Corner of the Worldbook now

Nov 19, 1:45pm – Her Love Boils Bathwaterbook now

Nov 19, 4:15pm – Close-Knitbook now

Nov 25, 5:45pm – Memoirs of a Murderer – book now

Selling fast

Nov 18, 1:00pm – Teiichi -Battle of Supreme High- book now

Nov 19, 11:15am – Flower and Sword book now

Nov 22, 8:20pm – Midnight Diner 2 book now

Nov 24, 6:00pm – In This Corner of the Worldbook now

Nov 24, 8:15pm – Memoirs of a Murderer – book now

Popular sessions

Nov 17, 8:15pm – Kiseki -Sobito of that Day- – book now

Nov 19, 11:11am – Ancien and the Magic Tablet – book now

Nov 21, 7:35pm – Survival Family book now

Nov 22, 8:30pm – Antipornobook now

Nov 25, 3:00pm – The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue – book now




Nov 23, 7:15pm – Mumon: The Land of Stealth
New session added for Nov 23, 7:00pm

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