© 1959 Kadokawa Pictures

Winner of the Cannes Special Jury Prize in 1960, Odd Obsession is a captivating blend of satire and drama.


© Kadokawa 1958

How far will Goichi go in order to preserve the purity of his beloved temple?


© 1983 Toho Co., Ltd.

The Makioka Sisters follows the lives of the affluent Makioka family in the lead up to the Pacific War. Based on the novel by Junichiro Tanizaki.


© 1962 Kadokawa Pictures

When successful teacher Segawa Ushimatsu learns of another burakumin, or pariah caste, who has revealed himself in order to plead for his caste, Segawa decides that he must take a stand.


© 1965 The Organising Committee for the Games of the XVIII Olympiad

Said to be one of the finest documentaries made, Ichikawa’s Tokyo Olympiad faithfully captures the events that took place during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


© Kadokawa 1963

While Yukinojo was performing with a touring kabuki troupe, he encounters the men who drove his parents to suicide...


© Kadokawa 1960

A moody family drama following the everyday affairs of an unconventional family in a traditional Japanese setting.


A Crowded Streetcar © 1957 Kadokawa Pictures

Tamio Moroi, a young university graduate, works at a large brewery where he is taught to do nothing but look busy...