A Double Life (二重生活)
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A Double Life (二重生活)
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What is existence in contemporary Japan?


A Double Life is a deeply contemplative film that examines the nature of intimacy, privacy and vulnerability in personal relationships. Yoshiyuki Kishi, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, directs his first feature-length film and takes inspiration from French artist Sophie Calle’s work following strangers, where she tails people for the pleasure of following them.

Tama (Mugi Kadowaki, The Sun) is struggling to find a direction for her Philosophy thesis. Her professor (Lily Franky, After the Storm), encourages her to focus on a single subject, rather than many, and tail them without their knowledge.

She chances upon a stranger, Shiro (Hiroki Hasegawa, Shin Godzilla), at a bookstore one day and begins to follow him around as the subject of her thesis. When she discovers he’s having an affair, she becomes completely absorbed in finding out more and neglects her own relationships, including that of her boyfriend (Masaki Suda, Pink & Gray).

Shot in a voyeuristic documentary style, the audience becomes as much an accomplice to Tama’s surveillance as they are a witness to the consequences that unfold. Will you be entranced or ashamed of the words and deeds that unfold?


Winner of Best Director and Best Actress awards at the Vladivostok International Film Festival 2016. Part of the official selection at New York Asian Film Festival 2017, Raindance 2016, and Shanghai International Film Festival 2016.

 Special Guest Screening
17 November 2017, Event Cinemas George Street (Sydney)

A Double Life will be screened followed by a special guest Q&A session in the cinema with director Yoshiyuki Kishi and lead actor Mugi Kadowaki.

Year: 2016
Length: 126 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
Audience warning: This film contains very mild sexual content and mild themes.

This film will screen in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Screening schedule TBC.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Yoshiyuki Kishi/
  • Producer
    Hiromitsu Sugita/
  • Original Story
    Mariko Koike/
  • Screenplay
    Yoshiyuki Kishi/
  • Music
    Taro Iwashiro/
  • Cast
    Mugi Kadowaki/ Hiroki Hasegawa/ Masaki Suda/ Lily Franky/ Aoba Kawai/ Setsuko Karasuma/ Yukiko Shinohara/ Naomi Nishida/