A Story from Echigo (越後つついし親不知)
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Farmers Gonsuke and Tomekichi are friends hailing from the poverty stricken village of Echigo. Every winter they travel to Kyoto to work as sake brewers. With a beautiful wife back home, Tomekichi is the source of envy amongst his colleagues, including his friend. Returning home to care for his sick mother, Gonsuke’s envy turns into a fit of uncontrollable jealousy and culminates in his rape of Tomekichi’s wife. When Tomekichi returns home, he notices his wife has changed…

Based on a novel by Minakami Tsutomu, Imai presents a bleak and violent portrait of the poverty underlying all the tragedy.

Year: 1964
Film Format: 16mm; black and white
Rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Tadashi Imai/
  • Producer
    Hiroshi Okawa/
  • Screenplay
    Yasutaro Yagi/
  • Original Story
    Tsutomu Minakami/
  • Cast
    Yoshiko Sakuma/ Shoichi Ozawa/ Rentaro Mikuni/ Tanie Kitabayashi/ Nijiko Kiyokawa/ Taiji Tonoyama/ Eijiro Tono/ Kei Sato/ Haruo Tanaka/

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