Ancien and the Magic Tablet (ひるね姫~知らないワタシの物語)
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Ancien and the Magic Tablet (ひるね姫~知らないワタシの物語)
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With hearts united, we can fly—an adventure through dreams and reality.


In Kokone Morikawa’s dreams she is the sorcerer princess Ancien who, with the aid of a magic tablet, can bring inanimate objects—from her adorable toy dog Joy to flying cars—to life in a kingdom called Heartland. But her magic tablet is taken away, and she must retrieve it to help the defeat the evil Colossus.

In real life, it’s three days before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Kokone should be studying for her exams, but she keeps falling asleep. Business is slow, but her mechanic father, Momotaro, seems preoccupied with tinkering with self-driving software. Kokone never knew her mother and her father rarely talks about her—or anything else, instead communicating with Kokone by text. When Momotaro is suddenly thrown into jail, Kokone’s real life and dream world start to merge. Guided by her dreams, she sets off to find her dad.


This sweet film alternates between Kokone’s science fiction-inspired dreams and the glimmering beauty of her life in Okayama. With nods to the story of sleepy but brave Okayama folk hero Momotaro, Ancien and the Magic Tablet is a multilayered story of spirited adventure as Kokone realises her dreams may hold the key to unlocking the mystery behind her present.

Year: 2017
Length: 110 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for all ages

In Japanese with English subtitles.

This film will screen in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Screening schedule TBC.


  • Director
    Kenji Kamiyama/
  • Producer
  • Screenplay
    Kenji Kamiyama/
  • Cast
    Mitsuki Takahata/ Shinnosuke Mitsushima/ Arata Furuta/ Hideki Takahashi/ Yosuke Eguchi/