Assassination Classroom –Graduation– (暗殺教室 卒業編)
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Assassination Classroom –Graduation– (暗殺教室 卒業編)
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©2016 Fuji Television Network, Shueisha, J Storm, Toho, Robot © Yusei Matsui / Shueisha

Class 3-E discover Koro sensei’s hidden past.


The last chapter of Assassination Classroom is finally here, wrapping up class 3-E’s year with super-alien teacher, Koro-sensei! With their graduation in March fast approaching, not only must 3-E decide upon their future career paths, they must also work hard to complete their mission in defeating Koro-sensei himself. But as lies are shed and new revelations rear their heads, class harmony begins to fracture. Will the students be able to pull themselves together in time to overcome new threats?

Meet new additions to the class, as well as discover more about Koro-sensei’s past! Assassination Classroom Graduation– stars the original cast, with the addition of actors Ninomiya Kazunari (in the flesh!), Mirei Kiritani (No Longer Heroine), and Hiroki Narimiya (The Complex).

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Year: 2016
Length: 118 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
Audience warning: This film contains moderate violence. Scenes involving fighting and explosions may upset young children.

In Japanese with English subtitles.

  • Director
    Eiichiro Hasumi/
  • Producers
    Juichi Uehara/ Akira Morii/ Reiko Katayama/ Atsushi Furuya/
  • Screenplay
    Tatsuya Kanazawa/
  • Original Story
    Yuusei Matsui/
  • Cast
    Ryosuke Yamada/ Masaki Suda/ Maika Yamamoto/ Kazunari Ninomiya/ Mirei Kiritani/ Hiroki Narimiya/

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