Blue Mountains 2 (続・青い山脈)
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© 1949 Toho Co., Ltd.


Continuing from where Blue Mountains ends, Yukiko Shimazaki presents a passionate defence before the school board and townsfolk on the subject of young love. The heated debate reflects the emergence of new values against the status quo in post-war Japan. A colossal box-office hit, Blue Mountains 2, came to symbolise efforts to liberate Japan of old, feudalist ideology. Combining young film stars, familiar themes, and a light-hearted treatment, Imai set his film apart from other works which sought the same issues but were sanctimonious.

Year: 1949
Film Format: 35mm; black and white
Rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult.

This film will be screened in Sydney only. In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Tadashi Imai/
  • Producer
    Sanezumi Fujimoto/
  • Script
    Imai Tadashi/ Toshiro Ide/
  • Original Story
    Yojiro Ishizaka/
  • Music
    Ryoichi Hattori/
  • Cast
    Setsuko Hara/ Michiyo Kogure/ Ichiro Ryuzaki/

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