Blue Mountains (青い山脈)
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© 1949 Toho Co. Ltd.

One of Tadashi Imai’s best known films.


Blue Mountains is a romantic drama set in a time when feudal values were still strong. High school teacher Shimazaki Yukiko, played by Hara Setsuko, attempts to introduce democracy into her classroom but is met with strong opposition from her own students and co-workers. With few supporters, Yukiko faces an uphill battle to win support for her progressive way of thinking.

Set and filmed during the US occupation of Japan, Blue Mountains established Imai Tadashi as an influential filmmaker with humanist tendencies, visibly influenced by neo-realism.

Year: 1949
Film Format: 35mm; black and white
Rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult.

This film will be screened in Sydney only. In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Tadashi Imai/
  • Producer
    Sanezumi Fujimoto/
  • Screenplay
    Tadashi Imai/ Toshiro Ide/
  • Original Story
    Yojiro Ishizaka/
  • Cast
    Setsuko Hara/ Michiyo Kogure/ Ichiro Ryuzaki/