Branded To Kill (殺しの烙印)
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Branded To Kill (殺しの烙印)
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© 1967 Nikkatsu

“This is how Number 1 works: first he exhausts you, and then he kills you”


Yakuza hitman ‘Number 3’ opens a maelstrom of gunplay and bloodshed after botching an assassination. The ill-fated protagonist is caught between his treacherous (perpetually naked) wife, a cool femme fatale obsessed with death, and the ominous threat of the ‘Number 1’ hitman. Suzuki’s anarchic cult treasure is packed with self-reflexive noir, gangster, and B-movie genre clichés, revealing his sharp social commentary with a slick 60’s Pop Art aesthetic.

プロの殺し屋としてNO3にランクされている花田は、五百万円の報酬である組織の幹部を護送する途中、NO2とNO4らの一味に襲撃された。花田の相棒春日は倒れたが、組織の男の拳銃の腕前はすばらしいもので、危うく危機を脱した花田は、その男を無事目的地に送り届けた。仕事を終えたあとの花田は緊張感から解放されたためか、妻の真美と野獣のように抱き合うのだった。ある日、花田は薮原から殺しの依頼を受けた。しかも…  続きは映画.comへ

Year: 1967
Length: 91 mins
Format: 35mm, B&W
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 18+

In Japanese with English subtitles.

This film will also screen in Melbourne. The screening schedule is TBC.


  • Director
    Suzuki Seijun/
  • Script
    Guryu Hachiro/
  • Photography
    Nagatsuka Kazue/
  • Art Direction
    Kawahara Sukezo/
  • Music
    Yamamoto Naozumi/
  • Planning
    Iwai Kaneo/
  • Cast
    Shishido Jo/ Ogawa Mariko/ Mari Annu/ Nambara Koji/ Tamagawa Isao/ Minami Hiroshi/