Chihayafuru Part 1 (ちはやふる 上の句)
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Chihayafuru Part 1 (ちはやふる 上の句)
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© 2016 “Chihayafuru” Film Partners © Yuki Suetsugu / KODANSHA LTD.

A battle of quick wits, intuition, and friendship: Karuta!


Chihaya, Taichi and Arata are childhood friends, bound by their passion for competitive karuta (a traditional Japanese card game based on classic poetry). After Arata moves to the country, Taichi parted ways with the game, but Chihaya continues to play – hoping they’ll be reunited at the national championships.

As they enter high school, the bubbly Chihaya convinces reluctant Taichi to start a competitive karuta club. Full of youthful energy and enthusiasm, they start to recruit new members to play the mentally and physically demanding card game. But first, they have to convince enough students that karuta is more than just old-fashioned customs and boring poetry.

Chihayafuru is an exciting film filled with dreams, friendship and determination—perfect for young ones and the young at heart.

Suzu Hirose of Our Little Sister stars in her first lead role on the big screen as the passionate Chihaya, supported by a cast of up-and-coming young actors including Mone Kamishiraishi (Lady Maiko) and Shuhei Nomura (Flying Colors).

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Year: 2016
Length: 111 mins
Classification rating: All ages

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Norihiro Koizumi/
  • Producers
    Yoshio Nakayama/ Minami Ichikawa/
  • Screenplay
    Norihiro Koizumi/
  • Original Story
    Yuki Suetsugu/
  • Cast
    Suzu Hirose/ Shuhei Nomura/ Mackenyu/ Mone Kamishiraishi/ Yuma Yamoto/ Yuki Morinaga/ Hiroya Shimizu/ Miyuki Matsuda/ Jun Kunimura/