Dad’s Wedding (父の結婚)
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Dad’s Wedding (父の結婚)
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Unmarried, no kids, not even a boyfriend. Nothing appears to be going according to plan for 28 year old makeup artist Aoko, who is discouraged by her senile, often demanding clientele and dumped by her boyfriend in a restaurant where men normally propose to their partners.

Leaving her chaotic life in Tokyo, Aoko makes her way to her hometown to congratulate her father on his upcoming re-marriage. Little did she know that an unconventional wedding is waiting for her back home.

Dad’s Wedding gives audiences a refreshing take on the chaotic family genre that is fast becoming a typical trope in modern cinema. The film questions what a typical family should or should not look like in modern day Japan, and how we may meet these changes.


This film was produced under the New Directions in Japanese Cinema (NDJC) Project. NDJC is a government initiative by the Agency of Cultural Affairs in partnership with VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organisation), of which aims to support young film makers and inspire a new age of Japanese cinema. Under the project a number of films are published annually and shot using 35mm film.

This 30-minute film will be screened as part of the Short Film Collection which also features We Are Shooting by NDJC recipient Raita Yabushita and highheels – a fairy tale born of obsession by Inchul Lee.

Year: 2016
Length: 30 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 12+

In Japanese with English subtitles.

Please be advised that the Melbourne screening time has been changed to 18:40 from 18:20 (originally published in the printed program).

  • Director
    Fukuda Momoko/
  • Screenplay
    Fukuda Momoko/
  • Producer
    Satoshi Fukushima/ Taguchi Yusuke/
  • Executive Producer
    Matsutani Takayuki/
  • Cast
    Sonim/ Itsuji Itao/ Takashi Yamanaka/ Jyonmyon Pe/ Kinuo Yamada/

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