Haunted Campus (ホーンテッド・キャンパス)
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Haunted Campus (ホーンテッド・キャンパス)
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© 2016 "Haunted Campus" Film Partners

Occult horror meets rom-com in this atypical campus love story.


For Shinji, seeing ghosts is a curse. Easily spooked, he goes through life avoiding anything and everything supernatural. When fate reunites him with his childhood crush Koyomi at university, he couldn’t be happier. Finally – a chance to confess his love!

Unfortunately for him, she has joined the Occult Club: a group of paranormal enthusiasts who investigate supernatural happenings on their campus. In order to spend more time with Koyomi, he signs up to the club as well and becomes an unwilling tagalong on their ghost hunts.

Must Shinji really deal with ghosts to be with the love of his life? If only saying “I love you” came as naturally as his sixth sense.

Year: 2016
Length: 93 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult.

In Japanese with English subtitles.



  • Director
    Satoshi Takemoto/
  • Producers
    Akiko Kamiyama/ Yoshiyuki Nakahata/ Akako Miyauchi/
  • Screenplay
    Koji Tokuo/
  • Original Story
    Riu Kushiki/
  • Cast
    Yuma Nakayama/ Haruka Shimazaki/ Takuro Ono/ Maryjun Takahashi/ Kentaro Yasui/ Shinya Owada/