HK2: The Abnormal Crisis (変態仮面 アブノーマル・クライシス)
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HK2: The Abnormal Crisis (変態仮面 アブノーマル・クライシス)
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Panty-masked superhero Hentai Kamen returns in this hilarious superhero parody


Kyosuke is a regular uni studet who transforms into a masked superhero called “Hentai Kamen” every time he puts a panty over his face. His girlfriend Aiko is grateful for his efforts to combat crime but has mixed feelings about this pervy alter-ego. And so, Kyosuke gives up the mask and promises to embrace his true self instead.

One day, all the panties in Japan mysteriously vanish, making Kyosuke anxious and suspicious… Little do they know that a powerful enemy is about to strike. When Aiko is abducted, Kyosuke becomes desperate—with all the panties gone, how will he summon his alter-ego Hentai Kamen?!

Hentai Kamen is back in this sequel to HK: Forbidden Hero. Double the action, double the hilarity, and certainly double the amount of panties.

Year: 2016
118 mins
Classification rating: 
Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult. (Contains moderate nudity and some sexual references.)

In Japanese with English subtitles.



  • Director
    Yuichi Fukuda/
  • Producer
    Toramatsu Mamiya/ Yoshikuni Murata/
  • Screenplay
    Yuichi Fukuda/
  • Original Story
    Keisyu Ando/
  • Cast
    Ryohei Suzuki/ Fumika Shimizu/ Yuya Yagira/ Tsuyoshi Muro/