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© 2017 "MUKOKU" Production Committee

The way of the sword has no room for fear, anxiety and ego.


Growing up, Kengo had known nothing but kendo. Having been trained from a young age by his father Shozo, he went on to win awards and to coach the local high school kendo team. But it was never enough for Shozo, a respected master in the dojo but a harsh and overbearing father at home. When a training accident leaves Shozo in a vegetative state, Kengo gives up the sword and spends his days racked by guilt.

When a high school student shows up with a letter from an old coaching acquaintance, Kengo finds himself unwittingly thrust back into the world he left behind. That student is Hada, a fresh trainee with natural talent and a burning drive, himself dogged by strange visions from his past.
As the two struggle to find their inner peace, an unexpected rivalry heats up between them. Trapped in their own anxieties, will the way of the sword lead them out of their anguish?


Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (My Man) returns to direct the ever versatile Go Ayano (Twisted Justice) and rising young actor Nijiro Murakami (Destruction Babies) in this captivating drama juxtaposing Zen philosophy with swordplay action. Based on the award-winning novel by Shu Fujisawa.

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Year: 2017
Length: 125 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 15+ contains moderate themes and violence, and mild sexual content.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Kazuyoshi Kumakiri/
  • Producer
    Hideki Hoshino/
  • Original Story
    Shu Fujisawa/
  • Screenplay
    Ryo Takada/
  • Music
    Shoji Ikenaga/
  • Cast
    Go Ayano/ Nijiro Murakami/ Akira Emoto/ Kaoru Kobayashi/ Jun Fubuki/ Atsuko Maeda/ Misuzu Kanno/ Reiko Kataoka/ Suon Kan/