My Korean Teacher (いきなり先生になったボクが彼女に恋をした)
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My Korean Teacher (いきなり先生になったボクが彼女に恋をした)
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Love blooms on the island of Okinawa


After losing both job and girlfriend, things aren’t looking too great for Yong Woon, a Korean expat in Japan. A chance meeting in Okinawa catapults him into a teaching role at a Korean language school. There he meets Sakura, a single mother who is desperate to improve her language skills in order to keep her job at a travel agency. Sympathising with her struggles, Yong Woon helps her and falls in love with her in the process.
Featuring Korean popstar Yesung from Super Junior in his first Japanese movie role, My Korean Teacher is an entertaining watch that will put a smile on your face and brighten your day. Filmed in Okinawa, the story is set against the backdrop of beautiful castles, stunning beaches and small city life.

Year: 2016
Length: 98 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult.
Audience warning: This film contains a scene with mild violence.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Yuzo Asahara/
  • Producer
  • Screenplay
    Yuzo Asahara/ Tomoko Fushimi/ Kevin DC Chan/
  • Cast
    Yesung (Super Junior)/ Nozomi Sasaki/