Neko Atsume House (ねこあつめの家)
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Neko Atsume House (ねこあつめの家)
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© 2017 Hit-Point/"Neko Atsume House" Production Committee

Sometimes you’ve just gotta paw-se for thought.

Masaru Sakumoto (Atsushi Ito, I am a Monk) has passed his prime as a best-selling novelist. Facing pressure from his rival, lukewarm feedback from his editors, and terrible reviews from his readers, he makes a getaway to the countryside. He moves into a traditional Japanese house in a quiet neighbourhood, hoping the smell of the tatami mat and the sound of the cicadas will help him overcome his writer’s block.

As he attempts to incorporate his editor’s suggestion of introducing zombies to his romance novel, Sakumoto encounters a curious cat in his yard. In an effort to befriend the cat, Sakumoto finds himself spending more of his time and money in transforming his backyard into cat heaven. Meanwhile, his editor Michiru Towada (Shiori Kutsuna, Kiseki) continues to visit him, encouraging him to keep writing.


Based on the popular mobile phone game of the same name by Hit-Point, the game comes to life on the big screen with Neko Atsume House the movie. Beyond the cat obsession, this adorable slice of life film also sheds light on fast-paced and stressed-out city living. However, as the main character Sakumoto finds out, there is inspiration to be found in unexpected places.

Year: 2017
Length: 92 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for all ages

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Masatoshi Kurakata/
  • Producer
    Tadashi Iwabuchi/
  • Original Concept
    Hit-Point (Mobile phone game Nekoatsume)/
  • Screenplay
    Yuji Nagamori/
  • Cast
    Atsushi Ito/ Shiori Kutsuna/ Tomorowo Taguchi/ Tae Kimura/ Kayoko Okubo/