Night’s Tightrope (少女)
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Night’s Tightrope (少女)
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© 2016 NIGHT’S TIGHTROPE Production Committee

A poetic and hauntingly beautiful depiction of human strength and frailty


Budding writer Yuki (Tsubasa Honda) has always looked out for her friend, Atsuko (Mizuki Yamamoto), after a kendo accident leaves the latter traumatised. Atsuko faces constant harassment from her schoolmates, not just on campus but through text and instant messaging as well. Despite overwhelming peer pressure, Yuki continues to support her.

However, when the manuscript of Yuki’s first novel is stolen and plagiarised, she becomes emotionally withdrawn. The two young women drift apart and find new acquaintances: Atsuko is drawn in by a scheming classmate who preys on middle-aged men for money, while Yuki meets a bored high-school boy who shares her growing, macabre interest in witnessing death.

Unbeknownst to Yuki, Atsuko begins to question her own mortality—she volunteers at a nursing home hoping that witnessing someone die will stop her from taking her own life.

Night’s Tightrope is a dark coming-of-age story based upon the novel “Shoujo” by Kanae Minato. Director Yukiko Mishima uses poetic visuals to spin a narrative wherein no action is left without a consequence.

Year: 2016
Length: 119 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
Audience warning: This film contains themes of suicide and moderate violence
In Japanese with English subtitles.

✸ Special guest Q&A session with Director Yukiko Mishima (to be held inside the cinema after the film ends).

  • Director
    Yukiko Mishima/
  • Producer
    Naruhiko Yanagisako/ Kiyokazu Ishizuka/
  • Screenplay
    Kana Matsui/ Yukiko Mishima/
  • Original Story
    Kanae Minato/
  • Music
    Masahiro Hiramoto/
  • Cast
    Tsubasa Honda/ Mizuki Yamamoto/ Mackenyu/ Ryo Sato/ Kazuya Kojima/ Goro Inagaki/

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