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Since the passing of his Australian wife, Kenji has been doing his best to bring up his only son, Josh. While he is in two minds whether to move back to Japan with Josh, Kenji starts making clumsy Japanese rice balls for his son, with the hope he will remain connected to his cultural heritage. Eventually, those rice balls strengthen their bond and help them
overcome the pain of losing their loved one.

From the director

I have lived outside of Japan for more than a half of my life, and as my identity and the sense of belonging keep evolving I’ve come to realize my ‘Japaneseness’ has always been one of the most significant components of who I am. While living in between two cultures, you are constantly reminded how important it is to treasure your heritage and its uniqueness.

– Shingo Usami

This short film will screen together with Tori Girl in the time slots below.

Year: 2015
Length: 10 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for all ages

In English and Japanese, with English subtitles.


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