Sanada Ten Braves (真田十勇士)
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Sanada Ten Braves (真田十勇士)
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Behind every legendary samurai are ten misfit mercenaries


It is the Sengoku period – or the Warring State era – in Japan, and the Tokugawa Shogunate has won hegemony over the land, yet the Toyotomi clan in Osaka continue to resist Ieyasu Tokugawa’s forces. To prepare for an impending attack, the Toyotomi summon lion-hearted general, Yukimura Sanada. However, the reputedly fearless general has a secret: his legendary battles are all planned and executed by a group of misfit warriors dubbed the Ten Brave Heroes.

Led by former ninja, Sasuke Sarutobi, the Ten Braves take centre-stage in one of the greatest power struggles in Japanese history. Can Sanada’s hired mercenaries win him the Siege of Osaka and alter the course of history?

Sanada Ten Braves is a comedy-action spectacular based on the Edo-period novel “Sanada Sandaiki”, where the Ten Braves are a legendary group of ninja said to have fought for Yukimura Sanada. The film also features a short, animated introduction.

Year: 2016
Length: 135 mins
Classification rating: Strictly 18+
In Japanese with English subtitles.



  • Director
    Yukihiko Tutsumi/
  • Producer
    Tadashi Osumi/
  • Screenplay
    Nozomi Makino/ Tetsuya Suzuki/
  • Cast
    Kankuro Nakamura/ Tori Matsuzaka/ Yuko Oshima/ Kento Nagayama/ Mitsuomi Takahashi/ Taro Suruga/ Masaya Kato/ Shinobu Otake/

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