Sing My Life (あやしい彼女)
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Sing My Life (あやしい彼女)
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© 2016 Ayakano Film Partners, © 2014 CJ E&M Corporation

A lesson in aging gracefully.


Katsu is an incorrigible and eccentric grandmother who has worked tirelessly to make ends meet. Now at 73, Katsu finds herself trapped, taking care of her executive daughter and guitar-loving grandson all the while longing to live freely. On a whim, she wanders into a magical portrait studio and transforms into her 20-year-old self! With her newfound energy and freedom, she joins her grandson’s rock band and fulfils her singing dreams.

Featuring Mikako Tabe (Piece of Cake), Sing My Life is a heart-warming journey of laughter and love for all generations.

Year: 2016
Length: 125 mins
Classification rating: All ages
Kids advisory: Please note that there is a scene which contains blood. However, there are no classifiable violent elements in the film. 

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Nobuo Mizuta/
  • Producers
    Yoshio Nakayama/ Seiji Okuda/ Daisuke Kadoya/
  • Screenplay
    Tomoko Yoshizawa/
  • Cast
    Mikako Tabe/ Mitsuko Baisho/ Jun Kaname/ Takumi Kitamura/ Katsuko Kanai/ Kotaro Shiga/ Satomi Kobayashi/ Eriko Mikamo/ Anno Koshino/ Yuta Kubo/ Kilt/ Kentaro Tamura/ Yoichi Nukumizu/