SIX FOUR: Part 1 (64 ロクヨン 前編)
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SIX FOUR: Part 1 (64 ロクヨン 前編)
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Crime leaves its mark on more than just the victims


In the final week of the Showa Era Year 64 (1989), a girl goes missing in Gunma Prefecture. A hefty ransom was demanded for her safe return—and paid—but her body was found two days later in a car boot. The investigation was deemed a failure and Mikami is demoted to the police force’s public relations department.

Fourteen years later, with a year left before the case officially closes, ex-detective Mikami discovers anomalies in the original investigation. However, his current position as Press Director is to uphold the public image of the police department. Lacking the authority to launch further investigation on the case, he must find other ways to pry out answers amidst the politicking within the police force.

A faithful film adaptation of Hideo Yokoyama’s award-winning novel by the same name, SIX FOUR is a suspense-thriller about the effect of crime on those left behind.

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Year: 2016
Length: 121 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Takahisa Zeze/
  • Producer
    Sadao Ochi/
  • Screenplay
    Shinichi Hisamatsu/ Takahisa Zeze/
  • Original Story
    Hideo Yokoyama/
  • Cast
    Koichi Sato/ Go Ayano/ Nana Eikura/ Yui Natsukawa/ Naoto Ogata/ Masataka Kubota/ Kentaro Sakaguchi/ Eita/

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