SIX FOUR: Part 2 (64 ロクヨン 後編)
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SIX FOUR: Part 2 (64 ロクヨン 後編)
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© 2016 64 Film Production Committee

Will the last crime from the Showa Era be finally solved?


Just when Mikami thinks everything is going well, a new kidnapping case emerges. The circumstances are exactly the same as the original Showa 64 case, right down to the perpetrator’s name and demands: twenty million yen delivered in the largest suitcase from the Maruyoshi Department Store. Is it a copycat as police detectives claim, or has the real kidnapper returned?

Witness the thrilling conclusion to SIX FOUR, a mystery suspense-thriller adapted from Hideo Yokoyama’s novel of the same name.

Click here for SIX FOUR Part 1

Year: 2016
Length: 119 mins
Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
In Japanese with English subtitles.

  • Director
    Takahisa Zeze/
  • Producer
    Sadao Ochi/
  • Screenplay
    Shinichi Hisamatsu/ Takahisa Zeze/
  • Original Story
    Hideo Yokoyama/
  • Cast
    Koichi Sato/ Go Ayano/ Nana Eikura/ Yui Natsukawa/ Naoto Ogata/ Masataka Kubota/ Kentaro Sakaguchi/ Eita/

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