Snow Woman (雪女)
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Snow Woman (雪女)
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Enigmatic and electrifying


Director Kiki Sugino puts a modern spin to this adaptation of the ancient Japanese folklore and ghost story Yuki-onna. Told with a non-linear storyline, Snow Woman is a slow, hypnotic film that plays out like a feverish dream sequence.

One wintry evening, deep in the woods, young hunter Minokichi (Munetaka Aoki) and his aging mentor Mosaku take refuge in an abandoned hut. Minokichi wakes up in the middle of the night and is terrified to find a ghostly yuki-onna (snow woman), who takes his mentor’s life with a single frosty breath to his face. The yuki-onna spares his life under the condition that he never tells a single soul.

One day, Minokichi comes across a mysterious woman, Yuki, who lost her way in the woods. Her uncanny resemblance to the yuki-onna is not lost on Minokichi, and neither is her captivating beauty. When Minokichi takes her to the village, word quickly spreads about the mysterious outsider. Despite the rumours and uncertainties surrounding Yuki’s identity, Minokichi only draws her in closer by proposing to marry her…


Sugino creates a unique period piece set in an alternate reality where antiquity and modernity co-exist. Snow Woman is a visual and aural feast best enjoyed by surrendering to the mystery and the ghostly, electrifying soundtrack by music composer Sow Jow.

 Special Guest Screening
24 November 2017, Event Cinemas George Street (Sydney)

Snow Woman will be screened followed by a special guest Q&A session in the cinema with director, writer and lead female actor Kiki Sugino and lead male actor Munetaka Aoki.

Year: 2016
Length: 96 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 15 and over.
Audience warning: This film contains moderate themes with mild nudity and sexual content.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Kiki Sugino/
  • Producers
    Kousuke Ono/ Daichi Monden/
  • Original Story
    Lafcadio Hearn’s Yuki-onna/
  • Screenplay
    Mitsuo Shigeta/ Kiki Sugino/ Seigan Tominomori/
  • Cast
    Kiki Sugino/ Munetaka Aoki/ Mayu Yamaguchi/ Shiro Sano/ Kumi Mizuno/

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