Something Like, Something Like It (の・ようなもの のようなもの)
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Something Like, Something Like It (の・ようなもの のようなもの)
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Rakugo apprentice Shinden is sent to find the missing member of the Defunetei Rakugo Troupe.


In honour of their deceased Master Shinsei, Defunetei Rakugo Troupe is holding a special rakugo show (traditional Japanese sit-down comedy). However, one of their members, Shintoto, is missing and their major sponsor insists that Shintoto must perform his famous “Pop-Eyed Goldfish” routine or risk losing her support. The responsibility of finding the absent Shintoto falls on Shinden (Kenichi Matsuyama, Norwegian Wood; Death Note) – a rakugo apprentice with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, who is too serious to succeed as a comedian.

The film follows Shinden as he searches for and convinces Shintoto to return on stage. In the process, Shinden realises his unique strengths as a budding comedian and rediscovers conviction in the path he chose.

Interspersed with pockets of humour and quirky characters, discover the world of rakugo in this heart-warming slice of life drama.

Year: 2016
Length: 95 mins
Classification rating: All ages

In Japanese with English subtitles.

  • Director
    Taiichi Sugiyama/
  • Producers
    Kazuko Misawa/ Fumitsugu Ikeda/ Shinya Furugori/
  • Screenplay
    Masaki Horiguchi/
  • Original Story
    Yoshimitsu Morita/
  • Cast
    Kenichi Matsuyama/ Keiko Kitagawa/ Katsunobu Itou/ Isao Bitou/ Den Den/