The Mohican Comes Home (モヒカン故郷に帰る)
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The Mohican Comes Home (モヒカン故郷に帰る)
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© 2016 "The Mohican Comes Home" Production Partners, LLC

Metal-head Eikichi returns to his quirky family on their island hometown off Shikoku.


Metal-head Eikichi leaves his struggling music career to return to his family in a small island village off the coast of Shikoku. Sporting a mohawk, he comes home for the first time in seven years to introduce his clueless Tokyoite girlfriend to his family. In the process, Eikichi also announces that they’re expecting a child. The news leaves Osamu, Eikichi’s dad, livid with anger. However, he’s secretly delighted and immediately invites the townspeople to celebrate his son’s homecoming and surprise engagement.

Merrymaking soon turns into tragedy as Osamu is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The events that follow are a blend of hilarity and tragedy as Osamu comes to terms with his condition, and the father and son patch up old wounds through a shared love for music.

Set against the backdrop of quiet, island life, The Mohican Comes Home paces itself to the natural rhythms of day to day life. A disjointed family comes together through a critical time and we see love and friendship flourish.

Year: 2016
Length: 124 mins
Classifcation rating:
 Recommended for ages 12+

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Shuichi Okita/
  • Producer
    Yoshio Yokozawa/
  • Screenplay
    Shuichi Okita/
  • Cast
    Ryuhei Matsuda/ Akira Emoto/ Atsuko Maeda/