Tokyo Drifter (東京流れ者)
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Tokyo Drifter (東京流れ者)
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© 1966 Nikkatsu

To just drift away from a life of crime is no simple feat


Tetsu seeks to leave the world of crime behind when his yakuza group disbands, but when a rival gang boss fails to recruit him, he’s quickly swallowed into the underworld once more. Punctuated by the film’s jazz theme, performed by ethereal siren Chiharu, the torrent of violence is staged in classic landscapes, wild night clubs, and the dystopian minimal dens of evil honchos.

流れ者の歌をくちづさむ本堂哲也を、数名の男がとり囲んだ。彼らは、哲也の属する倉田組が、やくざ稼業から不動産業にかわったのを根にもち、ことごとく倉田組に喧嘩をうろうとする大塚組のものであった。だが哲也は倉田の無抵抗主義を守りぬいた。哲也は恋仲の歌手千春と結婚して、やくざをやめる決心をしていた。倉田は経営が苦しく金融業の吉井からビルを担保に金を貸りていた。哲也はそれを知ると単身吉井に会い手形延期を申し…  続きは映画.comへ

Year: 1966
Length: 83 mins
Format: 35mm, colour
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 18+

In Japanese with English subtitles.

This film will also screen in Melbourne. The screening schedule is TBC.


  • Director
    Seijun Suzuki/
  • Producer
    Yasuhusa Okada/
  • Script
    Yasunori Kawauchi/
  • Original Story
    Yasunori Kawauchi/
  • Photography
    Shigeyoshi Mine/
  • Art Director
    Takeo Kimura/
  • Music
    So Kaburagi/
  • Planning
    Tetsuro Nakagawa/
  • Cast
    Tetsuya Watari/ Chieko Matsubara/ Hideaki Nitani/ Ryuji Kita/