Tori Girl (トリガール!)
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Tori Girl (トリガール!)
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© 2017 “Tori Girl” Production Committee

Altitude meets attitude


Yukina (Tao Tsuchiya, Library Wars: The Last Mission) has always been the go-with-the-flow type. Unknowingly—and rather frustratingly—she drifts into a second-rate university where everybody looks like a bespectacled geek. During O-Week, she meets Kei (Mahiro Takasugi; ReLIFE, Before We Vanish), a cute upperclassman who recruits her into the nerdiest club in school, the Human-powered Aircraft Society. Their goal? To fly a bicycle-powered DIY airplane over Lake Biwa at the annual Birdman Rally.

Yukina passes the pilot try-outs but little did she know that ace cyclist Sakaba (Shotaro Mamiya, The Kodai Family) is also after the pilot’s seat. Suddenly it’s no longer about impressing the cute senpai—for the first time, Yukina needs to stop drifting and take control if she wants to represent her team.


Following his last hit, No Longer Heroine, Tsutomu Hanabusa delivers his latest youthful comedy. With an endearing supporting cast including Elaiza Ikeda (Wolf Girl and Black Prince), as well as some delightful cameos, Tori Girl reminds all the drifters among us that they can find their place and learn to fly.

+ Short Film

Short film Riceballs by Sydney-based actor and filmmaker Shingo Usami will be screened before Tori Girl in Sydney.

Year: 2017
Length: 97 mins
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 12 and over.
Audience warning: This film contains very mild themes common to films about university life.

This film will screen in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Screening schedule TBC.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Tsutomu Hanabusa/
  • Producers
    Rikyo Ohata/ Masaya Yobushita/ Mari Yoshikawa/ Toshiyuki Kamei/
  • Original Story
    Ko Nakamura/
  • Screenplay
    Izumi Takahashi/
  • Music
    Endo Koji/
  • Cast
    Tao Tsuchiya/ Shotaro Mamiya/ Mahiro Takasugi/ Elaiza Ikeda/ Nadal (Hideki Aiura)/ Yuma Yamoto/ Shinichi Hatori/ Yuki Saso/ Ko Maehara/