Tsukiji Wonderland (築地ワンダーランド)
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Tsukiji Wonderland (築地ワンダーランド)
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Discover the heart of Japanese cuisine inside the world’s largest fish market.


Tsukiji, renowned as the world’s largest fish market, plays an unrivalled role in Japanese cuisine. Lauded as one of the great food wonders of the world, Tsukiji sees business from world-class chefs, such as Jiro Ono and Noma’s René Redzepi, who make a personal journey to the market. But it isn’t just the chefs, or the incredible scale of trade, that give Tsukiji its reputation. The unsung experts behind the bustling backdrop offer this famous market its real merit.

Tsukiji Wonderland introduces some of the 700+ intermediate wholesalers who work the ruthless, fast-paced environment. These wholesalers’ trade skills and business know-how are passed down through generations, their lives dedicated to supplying quality produce that whets our palette.

The alarming volume of seafood passing through Tsukiji year in, year out is a footnote glossed over in favour of these wholesalers’ intimate relationships with their suppliers and customers.

With the market planning to move to a new location, Tsukiji Wonderland is set to become an enduring snapshot of eight decades of history.

Year: 2016
Length: 110 mins
Classification rating: All ages

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Naotaro Endo/
  • Producers
    Maiko Teshima/ Kazuda Okuda/
  • Cast
    Jiro Ono/ René Redzepi/ Theodore C. Bestor/

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