What a Wonderful Family! (家族はつらいよ)
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What a Wonderful Family! (家族はつらいよ)
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Welcome to the Hirata household, occasionally dysfunctional but always full of love.



Shuzo has been married for decades but still forgets his wife Tomiko’s birthday. As an after-thought, he offers to buy her a gift as long as it’s inexpensive. Coincidentally, Tomiko has had her eye on one thing and it costs nothing more than a cup of coffee or two. And what could that be? Well, the fee for lodging a divorce paper.

The family is thrown into tumult as their three children try to find out why the soft-spoken grandmother suddenly wishes to split with their stubborn grandfather after 50 years of marriage. Their children, all adults and some with their own families, take ridiculous measures to understand the cause of the divorce. But in order to solve the problem, they must first look to solve their own relationship problems.

This whimsical comedy takes us under the roof of the Hirata home and imparts valuable nuggets of wisdom that we can take back home. Directed by former Yasuhiro Ozu protégé, Yoji Yamada (The Hidden Blade, The Little House), and featuring the cast of Tokyo Family reunited in a light hearted comedy on the silver screen.

Year: 2016
Length: 108 mins
Classification rating: All ages

In Japanese with English subtitles.


  • Director
    Yoji Yamada/
  • Producer
    Hiroshi Fukazawa/
  • Screenplay
    Yoji Yamada/ Emiko Hiramatsu/
  • Music
    Joe Hisaishi/
  • Cast
    Isao Hashizume/ Kazuko Yoshiyuki/ Masahiko Nishimura/ Yui Natsukawa/ Tomoko Nakajima/ Shozo Hayashiya/ Satoshi Tsumabuki/ Yu Aoi/