Youth of the Beast (野獣の青春)
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Youth of the Beast (野獣の青春)
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© 1963 Nikkatsu

A gangster film that pushes the boundaries wide open with a swift pace and gripping action


With the police chief’s recent murder, no-one is to be trusted. New mobster in town Jo Mizuno plays out ambivalent dealings with the police, while doublecrossing opposing gangs, leaving viewers wondering if he’s an undercover cop or motivated by yakuza plunders. Watchable, stylish and highly entertaining, Youth of the Beast signals a defining moment in Seijun Suzuki’s long line-up of B-movies, with edgy voyeuristic camera angles and intelligent themes that push the boundaries of the genre.

連れ込み宿で男と女が死んでいた。男は竹下公一、現職の刑事だった。数日後、盛り場のチンピラたちをやっつけてまわるカッコいい風来坊が現われた。たちまちジョーというその男は野本組の用心棒におさまりのし歩いたから、野本組と睨み合っている三光組の小野寺や武智をひどく刺激した。野本組には麻薬につながるコールガールの大がかりな組織があり、それを操る謎の支配者がいるらしい。竹下の四十九日の法事の日ジョーが未亡人の…   続きは映画.comへ

Year: 1963
Length: 91 mins
Format: 35mm, colour
Classification rating: Recommended for ages 18+

In Japanese with English subtitles.

This film will also screen in Melbourne. The screening schedule is TBC.


  • Director
    Suzuki Seijun/
  • Script
    Ikeda Ichiro/ Yamazaki Tadaaki/
  • Photography
    Nagatsuka Kazue/
  • Art Director
    Yokoo Yoshinaga/
  • Music
    Okumura Hajime/
  • Original Story
    Oyabu Haruhiko/
  • Cast
    Shishido Jo/ Kijima Ichiro/ Watanabe Misako/ Suzuki Mizuho/ Kobayashi Shoji/ Kawaji Tamio/ Shin Kinzo/ Go Eiji/