Manga Adaptations

Liar x Liar


Neat freak university student Minato (Nana Mori, Weathering with You) and her stepbrother Tōru (Hokuto Matsumura) have an extremely tumultuous relationship. Thanks to his handsome looks and notorious playboy habits, Minato has been the subject of bullying from jealous girls for years.

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese


Ever since his university days, Kyо̄ichi Ōtomo (Tadayoshi Ōkura) can’t help but be swept up by the beautiful women that pursue him.  Now unhappily married, he’s become a serial womaniser and is as indecisive as ever…

The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn’t Kill

ザ・ファブル 殺さない殺し屋

After the success of the first live-action manga adaptation of The Fable, director Kan Eguchi (Riding Uphill, JFF2019) is back with the sequel, packed with even more action, comedy and drama!

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window


Haunted by ghostly visions since childhood, timid Mikado’s world starts making sense when he’s recruited by dashing supernatural investigator Hiyakawa.

Tokyo Revengers


Convenience store part-timer Takemichi Hanagaki (Takumi Kitamura, Tremble All You Want JFF Plus 2020) is 26 years old and living a dead end life, when he finds out that his high school sweetheart Hinata (Mio Imada) and her brother Naoto (Yōsuke Sugino) have been killed by the Tokyo Manji gang.