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Youth of the Beast


Directed by: Suzuki Seijun

Year: 1963

Length: 91 minutes

Classification rating: Recommended for ages 18+

Screens in: Sydney


A gangster film that pushes the boundaries wide open with a swift pace and gripping action

With the police chief’s recent murder, no-one is to be trusted. New mobster in town Jo Mizuno plays out ambivalent dealings with the police, while doublecrossing opposing gangs, leaving viewers wondering if he’s an undercover cop or motivated by yakuza plunders. Watchable, stylish and highly entertaining, Youth of the Beast signals a defining moment in Seijun Suzuki’s long line-up of B-movies, with edgy voyeuristic camera angles and intelligent themes that push the boundaries of the genre.



Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney


Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Director: Suzuki Seijun

Original Story: Oyabu Haruhiko

Screenplay: Ikeda Ichiro and Yamazaki Tadaaki

Cast: Shishido Jo, Kijima Ichiro, Watanabe Misako and Suzuki Mizuho

Genre: Classics

Format: 35mm colour