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Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda

Year: 2018

Length: 98 minutes

Classification rating: PG

Screens in: Hobart, Coffs, Harbour, Alice Springs, Darwin, Bunbury, Cairns, Adelaide, Townsville, Gold Coast and Newcastle

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A new baby sister is a cause of joy for all except her jealous older brother

Four-year-old Kun’s life gets turned upside down when he meets his new baby sister Mirai (meaning “future”) for the first time. Having only known life as the apple of his parents’ eyes, Kun is very quick to become jealous of his new sister, whose arrival steals both his spotlight and his parents’ attention. One day, in the midst of a jealous rampage he runs to the backyard to sulk where he discovers a mysterious magical time-travelling gateway. Through it, he meets strangers from the past and future, including a teenage Mirai! Together, the two go on a fantasy-filled adventure to uncover their family’s history and the love that has been passed down through generations. But one question remains–why did teenage Mirai come to find Kun?

Drawing from his own personal experiences as a father, this latest feature film by Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children, Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) is a nostalgia-evoking, touching film with gorgeous visuals, as told through the eyes of a 4-year-old.



Please note that select cities have individual ticketing systems; Tickets that can be reserved online will have a booking link provided.


Dechaineux Theatre, University of Tasmania, Hobart


Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour

Saturday 5th October

Alice Springs Cinema, Alice Springs

Friday 18th October

BCC Cinemas Darwin, Darwin

Friday 25th October

Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, Bunbury

Sunday 3rd November

Event Cinemas Smithfield, Cairns

Saturday 9th November

GU Film House Adelaide, Adelaide

Sunday 10th November

GU Film House Adelaide, Adelaide

Saturday 16th November

Event Cinemas Townsville City, Townsville

Sunday 17th November

Event Cinemas Townsville City, Townsville

Sunday 24th November

Event Cinemas Robina, Gold Coast

Sunday 24th November

Event Cinemas Kotara, Newcastle

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Screenplay: Mamoru Hosoda

Producer: Yuichiro Saito

Cast: Moka Kamishiraishi, Haru Kuroki , Gen Hoshino, Kumiko Aso, Mitsuo Yoshihara, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Kōji Yakusho and Masaharu Fukuyama

Genre: Anime, Youth

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles.

Format: DCP colour

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