Special Series

Carmen from Kawachi


Directed by: Seijun Suzuki
1966 / 89 minutes / Recommended for ages 18+


Wild and humorous with a hint of eroticism

Screened as part of JFF 2017

Cheerful Tsuyuko is on her way home from a romantic rendezvous when malicious admirers abduct and take advantage of her. Returning home, her devastation intensifies when she finds her mother sleeping with the local priest in exchange for money. Disturbed by nightmarish memories of those recent events, she flees to Osaka where she wanders through a series of jobs and partners, each stranger than the last.

Suzuki’s button-pushing Carmen from Kawachi starts out like a misogynistic comedy. However, patient viewers are rewarded as it quickly transforms into a subversive critique of patriarchy and gender politics.


Screens in:

Director: Seijun Suzuki

Screenplay: Katsumi Miki

Art Director: Toko Kon

Art Director: Takeo Kimura

Music: Taichiro Kosugi

Cast: Yumiko Nogawa, Ruriko Ito and Chikako Miyagi

Genre: Special Series

Format: 35mm b&w