Drama, Youth

Dad’s Lunch Box


Directed by: Masakazu Fukatsu

Year: 2017

Length: 76 minutes

Classification rating: All

Screens in: Bunbury, Coffs, Harbour, Hobart, Alice Springs, Darwin, Cairns, Adelaide, Townsville, Newcastle and Gold Coast

Dad's Lunch Box

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to making bento

Dad’s Lunch Box is a heart-warming story of a newly-divorced father who vows to make his daughter Midori’s lunch every single day until she finishes high school. Meanwhile, Midori it still adjusting to the new dynamic with her father and dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school life–friends and boys at the top of the list. She’s mortified that her classmates notice her father’s awful attempts at cooking, and spends lunchtime with her friends harshly critiquing his “experiments”. Her father, a hard-working salary-man, is determined to win Midori’s approval by making the perfect bento—even if it takes him the rest of Midori’s high school years to master the skill.

Based on a viral tweet that was retweeted by 80,000 people and received 260,000 likes, Masakazu Fukatsu’s debut feature film brings together a warm story of the growing bond between father and daughter and reinforces the age-old sentiment that family connections are best built through food.



Please note that select cities have individual ticketing systems; Tickets that can be reserved online will have a booking link provided.


Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, Bunbury


Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour


Dechaineux Theatre, University of Tasmania, Hobart

Saturday 5th October

Alice Springs Cinema, Alice Springs

Saturday 19th October

BCC Cinemas Darwin, Darwin

Sunday 3rd November

Event Cinemas Smithfield, Cairns

Saturday 9th November

GU Film House Adelaide, Adelaide

Saturday 16th November

Event Cinemas Townsville City, Townsville

Friday 22nd November

Event Cinemas Kotara, Newcastle


Event Cinemas Robina, Gold Coast

Director: Masakazu Fukatsu

Screenplay: Toshitsugu Ono

Cast: Toshimi Watanabe and Rena Takeda

Genre: Drama, Youth

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles.

Format: DCP colour

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