Special Series

Fighting Elegy aka The Born Fighter


Directed by: Suzuki Seijun
1966 / 86 minutes / Recommended for ages 18+


A youth spent without regrets.

Screened as part of JFF 2017

Kiroku is torn between his instinct to fight and his love for the village beauty, Michiko. To vent his frustrations, he takes part in street brawls with a gang of local students. When he lands himself in trouble with the drill officer at school, where military exercises are compulsory, he is forced to transfer to a high-school 700km away. Set in the 1930’s, Suzuki blends action and satire in a film about a youth spent without regrets.


Screens in:

Director: Suzuki Seijun

Screenplay: Shindo Kaneto

Director of Photography: Hagiwara Kenji

Art Director: Kimura Takeo

Cast: Takahashi Hideki, Asano Junk, Kawazu Yusuke and Miyagi Chikako

Genre: Special Series

Format: 35mm b&w