Directed by: Keisuke Yoshida
2021 / 107 minutes / Unclassified 18+ (restricted to persons 18 years and over)

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Lives upended by a girl’s sudden accidental death

A short-tempered fisherman lives with his junior high school daughter. When a grocery store manager catches the girl shoplifting, she flees the store and is fatally hit by a car. The outraged father terrorises the manager and school. The store owner is sure the girl was shoplifting but continues to apologise. Eventually everyone is driven to the edge, including the store owner, the driver of the car and the father who didn’t pay enough attention to his daughter. 

Intolerance captivates viewers with shocking plot developments and intricate portrayals of the behaviour and psychology of people caught in extreme situations. This unique drama deals with sublime themes that question absolution and spiritual restitution. Director and screenplay writer Keisuke Yoshida has delivered numerous masterpieces in recent years and won the script prize at a prestigious film festival. The performances are outstanding, with popular stage actor Arata Furuta capturing the father’s frightfulness and leading young actor Tori Matsuzaka portraying the void felt by the store manager.  

Audience warning: contains gore, coarse language, strong themes and suicide


Palace Electric, Canberra


Palace Raine Square, Perth


Palace Barracks, Brisbane


Palace Barracks, Brisbane


The Kino, Melbourne

Sunday 4th December

The Kino, Melbourne

Friday 9th December

Palace Norton Street, Sydney

Sunday 11th December

Palace Verona, Sydney

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Screens in: Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Director: Keisuke Yoshida

Cast: Arata Furuta and Tori Matsuzaka

Written by: Keisuke Yoshida

Genre: Thriller

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles