Special Series



Directed by: Nobuo Nakagawa
1960 / 101 minutes / Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult

A truly poetic and vibrant piece of horror cinema, Jigoku (Hell) is director Nobuo Nakagawa’s departure from the traditional Japanese ghost story. A young theology student who has moved to Tokyo finds himself in strife after a hit and run incident leaves him guilt-ridden and stuck with a mysterious counterpart who won’t stop tormenting him. The series of events that follow lead the student down a dark path of death and destruction, affecting those closest to him. In the experimental, shocking and gory final scenes of the film, Nakagawa transports viewers to the underworld, where the film’s characters undergo the wrath of hell for their sins in a visual sequence that is equally breathtaking and disturbing.



FREE JFF Classics Film
AGNSW Free admission. Tickets available outside the Domain Theatre from one hour before each screening. A small allocation of early-bird tickets can be booked in advance from QTIX (pre-bookings available from 23 September, 10am)

Free JFF Classics film

Wednesday 2nd October

Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Wednesday 9th October

Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Screens in: Sydney

Director: Nobuo Nakagawa

Executive Producer: Mitsugi Okura

Producer: Sosuke Kasane

Screenplay: Nobuo Nakagawa and Ichiro Miyagawa

Cast: Shigeru Amachi, Yoichi Numata, Torahiko Nakamura, Fumiko Miyata, Utako Mitsuya and Hiroshi Hayashi

Genre: Special Series

Format: 35mm colour