Gangsters & Outliers

Last of the Wolves

孤狼の血 Level 2

Directed by: Kazuya Shiraishi
2021 / 139 minutes / Unclassified 18+ (restricted to persons 18 years and over)

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This cutthroat saga gets taken to the next level!

Three years on, The Blood of Wolves (JFF 2018) saga continues with the ferocious and hyperbolic Last of the Wolves. After police detective Shōgo Ōgami’s death in Hiroshima, his protégé, detective Shūichi Hioka (Tōri Matsuzaka), is left with the responsibility of keeping the yakuza gangs in check. Inheriting his bloodline as the ‘lonewolf’, Shuichi’s methods of control are as shady and as ravenous as his looks. Thanks to the help of his informant Chinta (Nijirō Murakami), who infiltrates the yakuza undercover, bloodshed has been avoided and countless lives protected from the outbursts of gang wars. But this complex equilibrium is suddenly in jeopardy when the sadistic and hot blooded gangster Uebayashi (Ryōhei Suzuki) is released from prison.

Director Kazuya Shiraishi’s blood thirsty sequel wildly diverges from the hard-boiled crime thriller novels by Yūko Yuzuki, becoming a brand-new story crafted specially for the silver screen. Dark, dramatic, and action-packed, Shiraishi stunningly interweaves hair-raising, gruesome battles with complex interpersonal drama, leaving viewers holding their breath until the very end.

Audience warning: Contains strong themes, violence, sexual violence, drug use, coarse language, blood and gore

Saturday 20th November

The Kino, Melbourne

Saturday 27th November

Palace Norton Street, Sydney

Screens in: Melbourne and Sydney

Director: Kazuya Shiraishi

Cast: Tōri Matsuzaka, Nijirō Murakami and Ryōhei Suzuki

Genre: Action

Category: Gangsters & Outliers

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles