Drama, Romance

Little Nights, Little Love


Directed by: Rikiya Imaizumi

Year: 2019

Length: 119 minutes

Classification rating: Unclassified 15+ (under 15s must be accompanied by an adult)

Screens in: Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne


Love is the one thing we all have in common, and it ties us together

27-year-old Sato is hopelessly single, desperately waiting for that perfect meet-cute moment with the girl of his dreams. When he spills coffee on a company computer, he’s punished by being forced to stand in front of Sendai Station and ask passers-by to fill out a questionnaire. Only one person agrees—a beautiful woman with ‘shampoo’ written on her hand.

27-year-old Minako is introduced to a client’s brother, but all they do is talk on the phone, never meeting in person—until she finds out that he intends to ask her to be his girlfriend if the world boxing contender from Japan wins the championship. The problem is, Minako doesn’t even like boxing!

Based on the collected short stories of Kotaro Isaka, Little Nights, Little Love follows the lives of Sato and Minako and those around them—friends, colleagues and children—over a 10 year period, showing how love, hope and friendship can bring together the most unlikely of people.

Sunday 27th October

Brisbane on sale 26 Sept, Brisbane

Sunday 3rd November

Perth on sale 26 Sept, Perth

Friday 22nd November

Sydney on sale 26 Sept, Sydney

Friday 29th November

Melbourne on sale 10 Oct, Melbourne

Director: Rikiya Imaizumi

Original Story: Kotaro Isaka

Screenplay: Kenichi Suzuki

Producer: Yasushi Utagawa, Hitoshi Endo and Tsuyoshi Matsushita

Cast: Haruma Miura, Mikako Tabe and Taizo Harada

Genre: Drama, Romance

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles.

Format: DCP colour

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