Special Series

Milkman Frankie


1956 / 83 minutes / Unclassified all ages

A simple-minded milkman’s adventures as he navigates the big smoke!

Raised earnestly by his feudal grandfather in the countryside of Chōshū, Milkman Frankie is astonished by the strangers he encounters upon his arrival in Tokyo. Frankie possesses a unique combination of clumsiness and undying dedication reminiscent of bushidō samurai code. Committed to providing good service, he devotes his innovative imagination to saving a milk delivery business from bankruptcy – despite the ever-modernising Bulldog Milkmen poaching their customer base.  

Although released in the same year, Milkman Frankie offers a remarkable counterpoint to the notoriously controversial Juvenile Jungle. A wildly adventurous glimpse into the chaos of urban life, it is an early reference point for Nakahira’s characteristic fearlessness in experimenting with contextually prevalent themes and freedom of form. A slapstick caricature ingeniously disguised within fine-tuned classic Japanese humour, Milkman Frankie thoroughly quenches a country’s implicit thirst for satire in the wake of post-war rapid industrialisation.

Audience warning: depiction of Native Americans may be offensive to some viewers

Saturday 7th October

Walk-ins only. Doors open 15 minutes prior to the screening.

QAGOMA, Brisbane

Screens in: Brisbane

Genre: Special Series

Category: Free

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles

Format: 35mm b&w