My Father, the Bride


Directed by: Momoko Fukuda
2019 / 95 minutes / Unclassified all ages


Here comes dad, dressed in white!

Returning home for her mother’s second memorial service was never going to be easy for Tohka. While struggling in Ginza at her cosmetics job and trapped in a passionless marriage, things for her family have also changed back in her island hometown.

Needless to say, she’s confused and in shock when greeted by her father Seiji wearing her mother’s dress. At the family dinner table, when introduced to Seiji’s new fiancé—the local handyman, she finally cracks. While everyone else is delighted with her decisions and newfound happiness, Tohka simply can’t accept her dad becoming her mum.

As Seiji’s fiancé, the fiancé’s maybe-adopted daughter, and Tohka’s Sri-Lankan sister-in-law Samjhana enter the family, this uplifting comedy speaks to social issues of inclusivity while celebrating the beauty of cultural heritage. Infused with a quirky pop sensibility, the heartwarming appeal of home cooking, and the simplicity of everyday life, 28-year-old female director Momoko Fukada perfectly captures the meaning of family.


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Sunday 24th November

Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney

Sunday 1st December

Treasury Theatre, Melbourne

Screens in: Sydney and Melbourne

Director: Momoko Fukuda

Screenplay: Momoko Fukuda

Executive Producer: Yasutaka Fuke and Takaharu Kanai

Producer: Yutaka Tanito and Yuki Seike

Cast: Honoka Matsumoto, Kenta Hamano and Itsuji Itao

Genre: Drama

Format: DCP colour