Coming of Age, Drama


Directed by: Kazuya Konaka
2023 / 113 minutes / Unclassified all ages

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An homage to filmmaking steeped in nostalgia

Praised by leading directors Hirokazu Kore-eda and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Single8 is a charmingly naturalistic film that follows the leaps and dives of a group of high schoolers in 70s Japan, as they endeavour to make an ambitious home movie. Inspired by the revolutionary special effects of Star Wars, Hiroshi is coerced into having another crack at filmmaking after his debut flop Claws; a mountain bear spin-off of Spielberg’s Jaws 

A fascinating visitation of the lengths that impassioned youth went to in a time before digital video editing software existed, Single8 unpretentiously reflects on the challenges of creative process and experimentation. Director of the famed Ultraman series, Konaka features in the film remakes and stories from his own childhood as a film fanatic. Punctuated by lengths of 8mm footage, the warm glow of the physical film paints a sentimental hue on the characters as they reflect on new friendships and emotional discoveries beyond filmmaking.

Audience warning: contains very mild verbal reference to body touching

Saturday 14th October

Palace Electric, Canberra

Saturday 21st October

Palace Raine Square, Perth

Saturday 21st October

Palace Barracks, Brisbane

Saturday 28th October

The Kino, Melbourne

Wednesday 25th October

Palace Balwyn, Melbourne

Sunday 29th October

Palace Central Sydney, Sydney

Saturday 28th October

Palace Verona, Sydney

Screens in: Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Director: Kazuya Konaka

Cast: Yū Uemura, Akari Takaishi, Noa Fukuzawa and Ryūta Kuwayama

Genre: Coming of Age, Drama

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles

Format: DCP colour