Drama, Short Film

We Are Shooting


Directed by: Raita Yabushita
2017 / 30 minutes / Recommended for aged 12+


“Making a movie is like working on a battlefield, you know?”

Reiko, an intern who has been tasked with keeping the set as quiet as possible during filming has her hands full with a screaming lady in labour and ambulance sirens to match. Lead actress Mai struggles to shoot a scene whilst competing with the noise coming from outside and the lack of noise coming from her director, who does anything but direct her.

We Are Shooting is a short film that follows two girls, Reiko and Mai, who are determined to prove themselves on the set of their first film. Fans of the slice of life genre will enjoy the remarkable work of young director Raita Yabushita, who is able to magnify the smallest of human interactions and turn them into the most poignant of moments for audiences.


This film was produced under the New Directions in Japanese Cinema (NDJC) Project. NDJC is a government initiative by the Agency of Cultural Affairs in partnership with VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organisation), of which aims to support young film makers and inspire a new age of Japanese cinema. Under the project a number of films are published annually and shot using 35mm film.

Screens in:

Director: Raita Yabushita

Producer: Ishidzuka Kota and Arai Hiromi

Screenplay: Raita Yabushita

Cast: Sairi Ito, Minori Hagiwara, Tomohiro Kaku, Ryotaro Yonemura and Ken Aoki

Genre: Drama, Short Film

Format: DCP colour