Wilderness (あゝ、荒野)

Yoshiyuki Kishi on WILDERNESS



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“Life is boring if you don’t fight your destiny.”

This special screening of the full film will include a 20-min intermission. Available only in Sydney and Melbourne. Special ticket pricing applies ($25, discounts not applicable).

It is 2021 in Tokyo and Japan is plagued with youth unemployment, skyrocketing suicide numbers and a rotten social welfare system. Tokyo is breaking down and Shinji (Masaki Suda), a hot-headed delinquent, and Kenji (Yang Ik-June), a stuttering barber, are in the thick of it all. Struggling to find their place in society, they find solace and brotherhood in the boxing ring, despite their contrasting personalities.

Wilderness is based on arthouse screenwriter Shuji Terayama’s first novel, Aa Koya, published in 1966. Set in a dystopian but eerily familiar Shinjuku, director Yoshiyuki Kishi (A Double Life) puts together a fascinating existentialist journey that probes into society, identity, and masculinity.

2018 Japan Academy Prize for Best Actor; 2018 Asian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor; 2018 Blue Ribbon Award for Best Film

“Suda’s Shinji has a confident swagger and the cocky manner of someone who doesn’t care too much what others think. Yang’s Kenji is in a permanent state of uncertainty, constantly bowing and apologising for his very existence.” – Allan Hunter, Screen Daily


Those who plan to brave the five hour running time will be rewarded with an absorbing, wide-ranging drama featuring one of the best performances from its central characters, Yang Ik-June and Masaki Suda.

Year: 2017

Length: 304

Format: DCP colour

Classification rating: Strictly 18+

Audience warning: Contains strong themes, violence, and sexual content; moderate nudity.

Language: In Japanese with English subtitles.

Genre: Drama

This film is a Staff Recommendation!




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Cast & Crew

Yoshiyuki Kishi/
Original Story
Shuji Terayama/
Takehiko Minato/
Yoshiyuki Kishi/
Hiromitsu Sugita/
Junko Sato/
Mitsunobu Kawamura/
Executive Producer
Akira Ishii/
Tenshin Tsutsumi/
Masaki Suda/
Ik-June Yang/
Yusuke Santamaria/
Akari Kinoshita/
Tae Kimura/