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Drama, Period

Yakiniku Dragon


Directed by: Wishing Chong

Year: 2018

Length: 126 minutes

Classification rating: Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult

Screens in: Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney Melbourne


Charred by the outside world, tender at heart

Screens in all JFF Main cities.

From their ramshackle yakiniku restaurant, a Korean family endure the battles of their migrant experience in Japan. Having united their torn families together after Korean War, Yong-Gil (Kim Sang-Ho) and Young-Soon (Lee Jung-Eun) are model migrant parents: industrious, resilient, and working tirelessly to support their three daughters and youngest son.

The two elder sisters, one of whom has a permanent limp, are locked in a romantic rivalry; while their younger half-sister develops a romance with a married man. Pinned by the hopes of their father, younger brother Tokio (Shinpei Ooe) struggles to attend his private high school, where his bullying highlights the discrimination of ‘outsiders’.

While planes fly overhead and urban development progresses, the family and the small Korean community resist the government’s eviction notices. In the most trying circumstances, somehow, they’ll find a way to see their makeshift world stay afloat.

Jeonju International Film Festival 2018 Opening Film

Based on a successful play written and directed by the film’s director, Wishing Chong, Yakiniku Dragon is a sophisticated drama raising an often unheard story centred on Japan’s Zainichi population (Japanese with modern Korean ancestry).

Dendy Canberra Centre, Canberra


Event Cinemas Brisbane Myer Centre, Brisbane


Event Cinemas Innaloo, Perth


GU Film House Adelaide, Adelaide


Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney


Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney


ACMI, Melbourne


ACMI, Melbourne

Director: Wishing Chong

Original Story: Wishing Chong

Screenplay: Wishing Chong

Producer: Akira Morishige and Keitaro Shimizu

Cast: Yoko Maki, Mao Inoue, Nanami Sakuraba, Kim Sang-Ho, Lee Jung-Eun, Yo Oizumi and Shinpei Oe

Genre: Drama, Period

Format: DCP colour