Coming of Age, Drama
Cinephile, Female Directors, Festival Award Winners

True Mothers


Directed by: Naomi Kawase
2020 / 139 minutes / Unclassified all ages

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A tender viewing of motherhood

Well-to-do professional couple Satoko (Hiromi Nagasaku, Rebirth) and her husband Kiyokazu (Arata Iura, Ping-Pong) seem to have it all. But in reality, the pair yearn for a child yet struggle to conceive, eventually abandoning any hope of a miracle due to Kiyokazu’s infertility problems. Their faith is suddenly restored when the couple happen upon an adoption agency, and the arrival of baby boy Asato offers them a real chance at parenthood. Six years together go by when they are suddenly confronted by an unfamiliar woman, who claims to be Asato’s birth mother and demands him back.

True Mothers is an emotionally charged drama that combines thoughtful visuals with brilliant storytelling. Critically acclaimed director Naomi Kawase (The Mourning Forest) interweaves her story with delicate, cinematic references to nature to accentuate the undulating experiences of motherhood. In her poignant film adaptation of Mizuki Tsujimura’s novel, Kawase’s work shines a light on those who are most often overlooked in society. With her skillful documentary-style approach, she gently guides two storylines with the utmost respect and tenderness for her characters.

Audience warning: Contains mild themes and sexual references

Saturday 6th November

Palace Raine Square, Perth

Saturday 13th November

Palace Barracks, Brisbane

Sunday 21st November

The Kino, Melbourne

Saturday 27th November

The Kino, Melbourne

Sunday 28th November

Palace Norton Street, Sydney

Saturday 4th December

Palace Verona, Sydney

Screens in: Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Director: Naomi Kawase

Cast: Hiromi Nagasaku, Arata Iura and Aju Makita

Genre: Coming of Age, Drama

Category: Cinephile, Female Directors, Festival Award Winners

Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles